• Information Disk - Customizeable Digital Asset Management System
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  • I.T. Operations Management
    for Systems and Assets
    Getting the most return from your IT investment starts
    with a clear view of all your hardware and software assets.
  • Comprehensive Insight
    and Unlimited Manageability
    Perform impact analysis across systems, applications, users, and services

Information Disk delivers customization, monitoring & flexibility for Data Centers, Network Service Providers, IT Consulting/Management, and beyond.

Innovative Asset Management Flexibility


Connect people, process, and technology with a common data environment to manage digital, physical and operating assets.

Information Disk enables asset engineering, operations management, monitoring and maintenance with secure, accurate, and trusted information, when and where it is needed. With improved information flow and interoperability, as well as a consistent and auditable process for data integrity, you can make smarter operational and asset management decisions.

Information Disk will enable you to automatically discover, manage and automate assets, collect detailed info, and even categorize it all. If you've got IT, we'll inventory and manage IT!

Controlled Digital Engineering

Control engineering asset information and manage change throughout the entire asset usage and lifecycle.

Electronic Planning and Monitoring

Eliminate paper plans and increase visibility into the plan review workflow with an end-to-end solution to manage all your plan review and markup activities.

Building and Facility Management

Maximize the return on your building or facility with solutions for the entire asset lifecycle. Improve design coordination, get visibility into construction, and ensure design and construction information is retained for operational use.

Asset Management Questions

What are infrastructure Assets?

Infrastructure assets are stationary systems (or networks) that serve defined communities where the system as a whole in intended to be maintained indefinitely to a specified level of service by the continuing replacement and refurbishment of its components.

What about assets dependency management?

One of the most important features of infrastructure networks is the degree of inter-dependency, not only within a particular asset network, but also from one network to another. The failure of one component within a network may undermine the ability of other networks to perform

What are the key elements?

A formal approach to the management of infrastructure assets is essential in order to provide services in the most cost-effective manner, and to demonstrate this to customers, investors and other stakeholders

Automation Capabilities

What is the challenge of asset automation?

Building an accurate inventory of IT assets can be a massive challenge, especially as these assets often experience changes. Most of the benefits of a mature asset management practice are based on three components: People, Process, and Technology. Without automated discovery tools in place, benefits are nominal.

What are the benefits of asset automation

Enormous efficiencies in accurate data discovery. Consolidation of information between inventory, licenses and contracts and better tracking of renewals and lease expiry. Integration between asset, contract, and service management departments for better reporting and metrics.

What about visualizing the automation?

Automating the inventory process provides a depth of information that is unparalleled through manual processes and can be integrated into systems management and service management tools for greater access to information and better use of data.